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ONU: Pollution kills 234 times more than the conflicts of war (UN-WHO Report 2016) Link: Repubblica.it

It is estimated that illnesses related to unhealthy water (e.g. dysentery, diarrhoea) are the cause of 5 million premature deaths every year. Of these deaths, approximately 2 million are children.

According to UN data, water scarcity is steadily increasing and global availability will drop by at least a third over the next twenty years from now. The most affected populations will be those of so-called “Third-World” countries, who already suffer from water shortages. Furthermore, the World Health Organization affirms that 40% of humans live in intolerable hygienic conditions and only one in three lives in a house without wastewater collection.

Many experts agree that in the next 15-20 years wars will only have one objective: water. So will World War Three break out for the sake of water? The risk of water-conflict is real, but it is just as well to contextualize the possibilities without making any leaps to sensationalism. But how can we overcome the criticalities of water, energy, pollution and sustainability?

Aqurex designs essential systems of desalination and wastewater treatment, including small domestic purifiers and other innovative purification systems that promise to greatly improve prospects for many. Thanks to the thirty years of experience garnered by the family predecessors of the current Chief Executive Officer, the company has consolidated a decisive role in the sector, and, with a growing number of highly qualified and motivated staff, it has recently been able to launch on the global world market a small home water purifier, equipped with an effective filtration system, which passes the water through a final stainless steel and UV lamp stage that guarantees a low mineral content and microbiologically pure water, safe and free from any disease, including Ebola. And it all comes at a very affordable cost, specially for the less fortunate of our planet.

And at a global level? Major latest generation plants are currently being commissioned, and not just from this company, offering millions of litres per day of drinking water, with drastically reduced costs and improved sustainability. A glass of healthy and clean water forever for tens of millions of people is a dream come true.

Nelson Mandela (with photo), in traditional costume in front of the courts, shortly before his famous statement. Robben Island Prison (with photo) where Mandela suffered over 20 years of incarceration.