Industrial systems

Thanks to its vast experience in the field, continuous innovation and qualified staff, Aqurex and its small to medium size industrial water purification systems can provide an answer for all types of water purification needs. After careful assessment of water analyses, Aqurex can recommend the most appropriate system for its customers, also ad hoc, without ever taking the economic aspect for granted. Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis and exclusive powerful technologies even more powerful that classic reverse osmosis. Aqurex can purify the most polluted waters on the planet, even radioactive water. The sectors listed below are those where we have overcome even the most highly qualified competitors. Medium and large size systems for treating water from the Mains Network, Wells, Brackish water and even Seawater, rendering these potable, high quality mineral waters.

Water softening systems, water systems for potable, industrial, naval, pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural uses. Window cleaning or painted surface cleaning systems, for washing solar panels, Softening systems, Arsenic removal systems, etc., all producing several tens of liters of water and hour, up to several hundred thousand liters and hour, even three-four hundred thousand liters an hour or more. Aqurex never uses any chemical additives, including chlorine, for purifying water and rendering it microbiologically pure, but instead adopts powerful UV lamps.

Other applications for our water purification systems:

  • Water treatment for Hotels and Tourism Complexes
  • Production of potable water for animal raising farms
  • Water sterilization
  • Concentration of must through Reverse Osmosis
  • Water purification for electronic industries
  • Water purification to remove heavy metals for pharmaceutical use
  • Concentration of beer and fruit juices through reverse osmosis
  • Purification of superficial water destined for irrigation
  • Extremely pure water for the pharmaceutical industry
  • For industrial laundries
  • Concentration of whey proteins through Microfiltration
  • Purification of water discharged from tanneries
  • Demineralization of water for industrial processes

After the customer’s approval, Aqurex takes charge of transport and installation according to agreed schedules to the customer’s premises, thanks to a fleet of vehicles suitable for safely transporting the various components for the system without any additional costs.

Once the system is up and running, the customer will receive appropriate training, along with local workers, in order to ensure autonomous ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on the system, substantially reducing costs over the long term. After having installed the system at the customer’s premises, Aqurex remains a point of reference over time for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. For any problems or technical inquiries, telephone assistance is always available to respond and propose solutions for the case in question, or to schedule an intervention by specialized personnel to resolve the issue, and if requested, to provide further training to the local personnel.