Technical data sheet

  • Dispense 150 liters hour
  • Dimensions L 500 x H 1,800 x P 600 mm.


  • Electronic payment and / or currency payment system.
  • TV led ........
  • Mineral salt regulation system
Master Water is a powerful water purifier designed for condominiums, buildings, skyscrapers, large offices, military facilities, universities, and campgrounds, and is an ideal solution for putting an end to environmental pollution. How? Just think about the number of inhabitants that populate condominiums, buildings and skyscrapers around the world, and multiply that by the number of plastic water bottles that these people purchase every week: it is then easy to imagine tens of millions of vehicles that must deliver these plastic water bottles daily to supermarkets, and even more people that then drive every day to pick them up. Master Water will ensure that you never miss the inconvenience and low quality of water coming from a plastic bottle, and you will find yourself asking: why didn’t I do this sooner? The practicality of this dispenser is invaluable: it offers refrigerated water in three versions – sparkling, slightly sparking and still – with water purification systems on request all the way to the exclusive Matrix, which guarantees water with parameters similar to those of a mountain spring. It is possible for everyone to enjoy kilometer 0 water: with Master Water, families, workers and students can find an endless source of healthy, clean and “live” water, dispensed at the moment and rich with all of its natural organoleptic qualities, right inside of their own building, office or university

Recommended filtration systems:

  • nanofiltration
  • reverse osmosis
  • X-Finest